About Giorgio Sciarretta

Giorgio Sciarretta is an Italian painter who has been painting since he was little, his artworks includes oil on canvas, acrylics on canvas, gesso primer, acrylics and stucco in paste, spray paints, sometimes wax, on carton and plastic board. As one of the most innovative modern art painter he continues to innovate new styles and techniques,also with using gesso ,stucco acrylics and spray paint in the same times.

Sciarretta Giorgio is an indigo person,who had been through a lot of tragedy in his life,,and he grew up to be a pure Artist with no compromise,always says what he feels ,straight forward.This  strong character of him you can recognize in his artworks and paintings,where the colours are  always in the center of his art.

Giorgio passed a lot of time with Sante Monachesi (one of the most important Italian painter) when he was a kid, and learned a lot from him and developed his skill eversince. Painting and drawing has been something he does every night ever since he was awaken from a coma, when he was 7 years old.

He get inspirations to paint but never planned to paint something as an object. when it’s done we can know what it is. The unique experience of seeing his paintings is that you can find many objects or figures inside, depends on your interpretation.

His artworks always come with light that means to reborn.Reborn also refers to his career in Indonesia and South Asia.Whenever he paints,he just starts then his hands will flow;they are led by the nature.His art invite the viewers to think and dig their own interpretation and in some of his artworks,you can find several figures behind the first painting.When he is in Indonesia,he paints with his beloved owls and when he is in Italy with his three cats. 

In the last of two years he has made more than 250 paintings ,artworks and statues.

The autodidact Painter ,gets endless inspiration from  inside his soul,also from the music and animals,that accompanies him while he paints.

Life, the after life, the universe are the ambience you will get in his paintings. Nature has been a great inspiration to him as well, because he's emotionally attached to it since he was little. He started to open a private gallery for private customers in the late 90’s. In 2002, he started to show his paintings on exhibitions.

They had been exhibited at private galleries in Rome, ,Las Vegas Usa ,Singapore,Indonesia ,Hong Kong,and  France ,also at a private gallery in Montecarlo, Monaco, visitors and art lover customers came from all over Europe.

Sciarretta has been living in indonesia since 1997.As a furnitures designer and Artist residing in Bali,he explored different and unique tecniques and artworks.

But wearing another hat,as an entrepreneur,he also took to establishing a Company that specialised in Export furnitures,handicrafts  from Bali to Italy.The latter ,he admitted,endend up consuming most of his time and attention.So in 2012,he has closed his Company,to dedicated all his time to  his great love,the ART...Paintings .